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Airsoft VS Reality

"El airsoft es un juego, pero ¿has pensado alguna vez qué pasaría si fuese realidad?" Con esta premisa empieza esta loca saga de videos sin desperdicio. 

BirnyX empezó con esta serie de videos de youtube allá por 2013 y ha continuado hasta ahora. Tal vez por eso puede que alguno os suene, por eso o por lo virales que se hacen cada vez que sale uno nuevo.

Puede que hasta los hayáis visto todos, pero si ese es el caso estamos seguros de que sois de los que querrán volver a verlos una vez más. A nosotros al menos, nos pasa.

Airsoft vs Reality

Airsoft is a game. But have you ever thought about it was a reality?

Airsoft vs Reality 2

What is the difference between airsoft and the real war? Second part of our previous video, which we shot before this video. ;-)

Airsoft vs Reality 3

Another cool airsoft and reality differences. Comparing new airsoft situations with real war scenes - you can find it funny like we did. Airsoft means game and war is war. But airsoft is better. ;-)

Airsoft vs Reality 3.5

Hello people, here comes a short Airsoft vs Reality clip. After thinking hard, how to call the video, I couldn't figure out any more suitable name. Although this is not a new part of the official Airsoft vs Reality series, I hope you will like it. The official AvR 4 will be released this summer. However, enjoy this airsoft skirmish fighting!

Airsoft vs Reality 4

Fourth episode of the popular Airsoft vs Reality series. More differences between airsoft and reality, full of absurd humor, heavy armors, action and specialties. It is even more spectacular, showing tanks and armored personnel carrier. Have you ever seen an airsoft tank? Some are maybe better, but find out how it succeeds in the airsoft battle and compare with the reality. Dare to experience this heavy adventure.

Airsoft vs Reality 5 - Winter Edition

The luxury of winter airsoft is that you can always take a break in the airsoft war. The hot dinner is either served at your place just after returning from an airsoft battlefield or you can warm up yourself at the respawn. But in the real war it looks much different. In this part of Airsoft vs Reality we focused on problems with the winter airsoft gear and some scenes of famous battles from the World War 2.

Airsoft vs Reality 6

Airsoft vs Reality 6 is our new type of "airsoft versus" video, where we compare particular funny situations in airsoft with reality. But this time, we shot historical WWII event - Liberation of Žilina city in Slovakia; mixed with classical airsoft battle in marvelous site with CQB and open air details. It results in the not too funny, but epic short film with airsoft and WWII elements.

Airsoft vs Reality 7 - Vietnam War

BirnyX proudly presents the new part of the popular Airsoft vs Reality series – The Vietnam War Edition. We tried to show some new differences between airsoft and real war on the Vietnam War background. You can look forward to the legendary helicopter UH 1H Huey, which supported American troops in Vietnam. We will show you some deadly traps by Vietcong, clearing the tunnels, epic battle and misery of the Vietnam war. All in one with some funny airsoft skits. Even though it was a horrible experience, we tried to find some funny moments comparing particular airsoft situation with the reality.